Bulk Meter System by Kraus Group Inc.

Standard Features:
- Totally enclosed weatherproof pedestal cabinet with stainless

   external handle switch
- Cabinet contains premium explosion proof housing, complete with

   solid state electronic computer
- Standard 110 VAC, 60 Hz, rated for Class 1, Division 1, Group D

   hazardous locations
- ATC/solid state automatic temperature compensator
- One inch backlit displays
- Battery back-up with data displays while AC power is off, with low

   battery indicator
- Automatic shut-down on pulser or probe fault
- 1000 pulses per unit standard, 100 pulses per unit for high speed

   product delivery situations
- Up to 1000 pulses per second maximum flow rate
- Remote pulser for Neptune, LC, Smith and other meters (Metric or

- Head configuration parameters programmable with hand-held "Info-


            - Retrieves totals with a communicator (communicator included in all

Options:                                                                         BMS systems)

- Remote display                                                          - Displays uncompensated and compensated totals

- Pre-sets                                                                     - Can communicate with card and key systems
- Remote ticket printer                                                  - Intrinsically safe handle switch wiring provided
- Multiplexed meter positions                                        - Interface for PC controlled ticket printer
- RS232/RS422 capabilities
- Keylock for extra security
- Density adjustability
- Meter adapter kits

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