Micon 500 Computerized Register and Retrofit

Standard Features and Specifications:
- Easy field installation to retrofit older pumps which have mechanical registers
- Hand held communicator for "at pump" price setting and totalizer display
- Configuration parameters programmable with hand held "Info-Pac" unit
- Supports simple and advanced electronic communications with consoles
- Shaft encoder for meter input with direction sensing and compensation
- Dual channel quadrature pulser inputs
- Pulser and display disconnect shutdown
- Automatic shutdown on pulser fault
- 1000 pulses per second input pulse rate for high speed product delivery situations
- Volume and dollar pulser outputs with optional rate output
- Intrinsically safe handle switch input
- Audit trail event counter
- Built-in slow-down solenoid driver for prepay or preset operation
- Battery backup with data display while AC power is off
- Low battery indicator
- Unique device ID programmable via "Info-Pac"
- Standard 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
- Rated for Class 1, Division 1, Group D hazardous locations
- Intrinsically safe design
- Less than 50 watts power consumption
- Operating temperature range -40C to +70C
- Standby battery life greater than 6 months
- Sale display to 6 digits on 1.0" LCD's
- Price display to 4 digits on 0.7" LCD's
- Non-resettable dollar and volume totalizers to 10 digits

Hardware Options:
- Intrinsically safe 1" backlit displays
- Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) for gasoline, diesel, propane and butane
- Two tier price switch with independent volume and dollar totalizers for each of the two prices
- Customized colours for display faceplates
- Remote pulser input
- Customized wire harness lengths
- Display of uncompensated totals with ATC option
- Mechanical volume totalizer backup
- RS232, RS422, MNET, Gilbarco, and Tokheim interfaces
- European models (220 VAC 50/60 Hz, Cenelec approved) available
- Non-computing register
- Pre-set option

- High speed flow rates for use in commercial pumps
- Automatic Temperature Compensation for a variety of product types
- Interfaces with Tokheim / Gilbarco console systems
- Interfaces with most card / key systems
- Pre-set options available

- Automatic Temperature Compensation for propane
- Adjustable multiplication factor for use on various meter types
- Display of uncompensated totals with ATC option
- Several types of pulsers to correspond with different style meters
- Electronic Calibration set with "Info-Pac" from -19.99 to +19.99

- Master re-set switch contact for authorized-access system restarts
- Analog intrinsically safe pressure and temperature transducer inputs for maximum accuracy and reliability
- Pressure limit switch back-up system
- Heat-of-compression system to optimize delivery quantities
- Accomodates 3000 or 3600 psig. (@70F) refueling systems

- Configurations available for Hydrogen

- Easily installed to retrofit older pumps which have mechanical registers
- Retrofit kits manufactured by Kraus Industries Ltd. to suit any manufacturer's pumps
- Currency rate on the M500 is completely adjustable to comply with all forms of currency
- Micon 500 models are approved by: CSA (NRTL), Industry Canada (W&M), NIST, CENELEC (Europe) and PTB (Germany)
- Choice of 120 VAC or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz models

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